Protective and hygiene measures during the coronavirus times

We use professional hygiene products and disinfectants.

Our staff is trained on the latest findings and standards for cleaning and disinfection in working spaces.

Before each rental, all surfaces such as light switches, door handles, sanitary facilities, tables and chairs, flipcharts, whiteboards, pens, etc. are carefully cleaned and disinfected.

The spacious room with approximately 72 square meters ensures that the recommended distance rules can be kept. The minimum distance of 2 meters can easily be kept even with several people.

Thanks to huge availabity of kitchen equipment, a carafe, glasses, dishes and cutlery can be made available to each person for their personal use. Snacks and fruit can be served on separate plates.

If required, we provide disposable masks and disposable gloves free of charge.

Keyless entry ensures the reduction of contacts.

The notice of all generally applicable conduct rules for 'hinterhof8' serves to improve coordination and ensure hygiene standards.